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Quality Assurance

Our company has quality control department which is handled by highly qualified and experienced personnel. The approval of the laboratory department is a prerequisite for starting the filling and delivering of our products.The quality assurance department will monitor the storing and loading up to the point until the vehicle leaves the plant.

Quality Assurance department is responsible for establishing and maintaining set requirements for producing reliable engine oil. Establish a system to release or reject raw materials, intermediates, packaging materials, labelling materials, and all components of the oil container, closure, in process, oil substances and oil products. Approve or reject oil products manufactured, processed, packed under contract by another company. Our QA department ensures that critical deviations are investigated and resolved. Also investigate and address all quality-related complaints. Ensure that maintenance and calibration pf equipment are done as per schedule. QA department ensure that the storage and transport conditions specified for oil are adhered.

Every operation regarding production is carried out according to international rules and regulations standards and all local authorities’ requirements and according to industrial rules and regulations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, obtaining one of the highest standards requirement across the world.