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Star Lube Lubricants & Grease Trading LLc with PELLEL COMERCIAL SARL

It’s our pleasure to inform all  customers and partners of Star Lube Lubricants & Grease Trading that Mr Ahamdou Diallo CEO & Owner of PELLE COMERCIAL  SARL. from Guinea hase meat all the requests to become one of the Star Lube representative in Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau & Senegal.

After a good journey with Star Lube Lubricants Mr Ahmad who start to purchasing and exporting our products from Saudi Arabia from our factory (Techno-Oils Factory) Mr Ahamd has finally reach and attend all the requirements to become a company representatives, the hard work and trust that the General Director (Mr Fawaz Naseer Alharbi) has with Mr Ahamad gives him a good position in the company that after requesting for partnership and representative the General Director of Techno-Oils factory doesn’t have objection to accept his request with a pleasure and wishing him all the best.


for any enquiry for Star Lube oil brand name in these three countries it will be our pleasure to work with Mr Ahmad Diallo, working or dealing with him is like you are working directly with the company in Dubai or the factory in Saudi Arabia.

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