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STAR LUBE HYDRAULIC OIL is recommended as fluid media for all type of hydraulic systems.


Performance Benefits

  • Provides good wear- protection, thereby prolonging service life of moving parts
  • Possess high film strength properties which help minimize friction and wear
  • Provide rust-protection, to reduce the incidence of corrosion
  • Have excellent resistance to oxidation thereby giving long service life
  • Have reduced tendency to foam thereby minimize the chance of noisy operation and erratic actuator response


STAR LUBE HYDRAULIC OIL is an anti-wear hydraulic and circulation oil specially formulated for efficient lubrication of a wide variety of hydraulic power packs industrial equipment. STAR LUBE HYDRAULIC OIL is blended from highly refined base stocks and carefully selected antioxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives


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